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BIM America makes a conscious effort to bring practitioners together in a positive and lively environment. 


Inspire, empower and create BIM platforms on grassroot level to connect with peers and carve opportunities to brainstorm new ideas and innovations in the construction space.

Inspire and Empower

BIM Americas is a unique live experience that allows the AECO professionals to share ideas and get their voice heard to collectively shape the future of the BIM of today.

What is BIM America?

BIM America’s is an autonomously organized event that provides a platform to AECO professionals who want to be part of the revolution in construction industry without the big price tag of national conference. It is an orchestrated effort to promote the use of BIM technologies at events organized for connections from the grass root level up. 

BIM America aims at providing architecture, engineering, construction, and education community a platform to socialize and explore new opportunities to implement BIM technologies for delivering quality projects. People and communication are crucial for success of any BIM Project and BIM Americas leverages both these aspects to the core.

This time the event is set to happen in the mesmerizing city of Austin. This one-day conference celebrates the power of BIM technology and will attract, stakeholders, business professionals and entrepreneurs from the construction industry

Our goal is to provide the AECO industry with an enthusiastic platform that provides opportunities to interact and mingle with professionals from your city/state and reap all the benefits of networking and knowledge sharing that happen in nationwide conferences but without the big price tag.

Who we are

What Exactly does BIM America do?

BIM America makes a conscious effort to bring practitioners together in a positive and lively environment. It offers opportunities to interact with other professionals in the field of construction with the tools like workshops and presentations. 

Our mission is to boost the growth and development of BIM. This will pave the way for experts to contribute towards the progress of BIM in America. It is a podium to discover the prospects of joining the BIM world.

What sets us apart?

 BIM America is a spectacular event to showcase the digital construction practices, technologies, and design. It goes far and beyond to give a stage to passionate and fervent participants from the construction sector.

BIM Americas was conceptualized with the sole idea of inclusion and making professionals from all levels of hierarchy, from the top rungs to the grass root level to feel heard and empowered. By associating with BIM your organization can uphold and reinforce its brand, as not only a partaker in the progress of BIM, but as a leader. 

Meeting and connecting with other small business operating locally make the foundation of the industry stronger. Your organization participates in the BIM innovation venture along with other participating companies. Your organization gets a say in decision making affecting the course of BIM

Your organization will have access to the “best of the best” in BIM. Our Members are foremost in gearing up for a BIM ready industry. It heralds the beginning of positive impact in your BIM strategy.  

The BIM honors and identifies the world’s best BIM work and those who created it, by celebrating their exceptional and innovative use of BIM in the built environment.

BIM America’s role in BIM Application

The last few years has seen BIM grow as an eminent participant in the development of the construction industry. This is owing to the significant advancement in software and hardware technologies. BIM is a crucial tool to help teams work in a concerted way and ensure that everyone on the project is associated with the objectives. BIM involves several processes to manage models and data. 

The whole idea of the BIM show is to achieve a mutual goal of constant usage of BIM technologies in America by reaching out to all industry pros and promoting the BIM agenda.


​Exhibit Interact Connect

Recognized for its outstanding guests, the BIM conference at Austin, Texas offers a wonderful occasion for face to face communication with thousands of Construction, Property Management and Architecture and Design professionals. Exhibiting at BIM America is an excellent way to come in contact with building industry decision-makers in a short span of time. When you are at Austin



  • Expect Triumph
  • Produce qualified leads
  • Encourage renewed interest from established customers 
  • Promote new products or services
  • Try innovative ideas and get instant feedback
  • Brand awareness
  • Join experts from construction industry


Exhibiting is a brilliant way to interact and connect with the finest architects, property managers and designers, and to get access to innumerable industry decision-makers at once. 

Sponsorship Benefits: Association, Access, and Influence

  • As a BIM Member your organization is not only an active participant in the growth of BIM but also a leader.
  • As a BIM Member, your organization will have entree to the “best of the best” in BIM.
  •  BIM member are part of committees dedicated to finest practices and innovations in the field of construction. 
  • AS part of this committee you have say in the decision-making process affecting BIM policies.


  • Assignment of your organization logo on BIM website, event screens, BIM App and more.
  • Member Profiles, Case Studies, Articles, and Interviews released via our Website, Newsletter and Social Media
  •  Marketing for our Members as BIM Leaders
  • BIM Membership database – 24/7 Access Member Only content available via BIM website.
  • BIM Leadership through Committee participation and decision making.
  • Membership voting rights
  • Task leadership White Papers & Case Studies endorsement and posting

Who are our Speakers?

Do you want to talk on a BIM related theme for one of our regional sessions? You can present a topic at our next event by visiting the event page on our website. Download and fill out the presentation submission form below.  

Requirements for an event speaker:

  • Must outline a minimum of Four Educational Learning Objectives
  • Must present at least an hour of pure educational content
  • Cost of travel and accommodation to be covered by the speakers.
  • Speakers must have qualified experience in the subject matter and must provide a CV/Resume with this submission form that demonstrates speaking experience.
  • Topic must be related to real-world BIM
  • Speaker Presentations materials MUST be cleared for public use.
  • BIM America has the right to final review and approval.

Presentations that have relevance to BIM and any material that relates to the local building industry of the event host city will be given preference.

Technical Requirements:

  1. Sessions to be 90 minutes.
  2. PDF versions of presentations are also needed prior to the event.
  3. PowerPoint presentations must be in 16X9 format.
  4. Video files embedded in the PowerPoint must be sent as a separate file ahead of the event. All videos should be 1920×1080 (16×9) ratio in .MP4 or .MOV.
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